7 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

By Fernando Villarreal


There’s nothing nicer than cuddling by the fireplace with your furbaby, but did you know that some breeds are more affectionate than others? 

If you’re wondering which dog breeds like to be held or if you’re looking for the most clingy dog breed, our top picks will make for the seven best snuggle buddies. Here’s the takeaway for the seven best cuddle breeds in 2024.


1. Mastiff



Although the Mastiff is an ancient dog breed that was first developed as a guarding, fighting, and companion breed in the UK, this breed adores snuggling up to people and children. The Mastiff is a patient, calm dog breed loyal to family and doesn’t mind hanging out beside you. “Gentle and generally good with children, but maybe overly protective of them when around strangers,” says VCA Animal Hospital.

With their naturally calm and steady temperament, Mastiffs are often described as “gentle giants.” They have a strong need for human companionship and thrive when given plenty of love and attention. 

Whether watching TV, reading a book, or simply relaxing, the Mastiff can be by your side, providing comfort and warmth. The American Kennel Club (AKC) explains that the Mastiff is “a combination of grandeur and good nature, courage and docility. Dignity, rather than gaiety, is the Mastiff’s correct demeanor.”

Their affectionate nature extends to their immediate family, children, and pets. They are typically patient and tolerant, making them great companions for households with kids. You’ll often find Mastiffs curled up with children as their loyal protectors and cuddle buddies.


2. Great Dane



Another affectionate, gentle giant breed is the Great Dane, which originated in Germany. PetMD says that the Great Dane is kind and enjoys family life. “Great Danes are typically good family dogs and do well with children,” adds PetMD.

Great Danes have a reputation for being affectionate and the best of companions. This breed thrives on companionship and loves spending quality time with their family. Whether snuggling on the couch, leaning against your leg, or resting their head on your lap, Great Danes have mastered the art of cuddling. 

“Great Danes are sociable, friendly, and eager to please, and they respond well to firm, consistent training methods. They need human contact, affection, and socialization with other people and animals,” says the AKC.

Their affectionate nature extends beyond their immediate family. Great Danes are typically friendly and sociable with strangers, making them excellent candidates for therapy and service dog work. Their calm and gentle demeanor allows them to comfort and support those in need.


3. Golden Retriever



Another fabulously affectionate dog breed that enjoys cuddling is the golden retriever. This breed originated from the UK and is among the most popular companion dogs. The golden retriever is also used for search and rescue and assistance work.  

“This happy, beautiful breed is known for their eagerness to please and loving nature,” says PetMD. They also add that the Golden Retriever is one of the best and most popular family dogs for parents.

Golden Retrievers love to cuddle and excel in providing warmth and comfort. They seek physical contact with their humans and enjoy snuggling up for a cozy session. Whether watching a movie or relaxing, your Golden Retriever will enjoy curling up beside you, creating a bond through touch and companionship.

“Friendly, reliable, and trustworthy. Quarrelsomeness or hostility towards other dogs or people in normal situations, or an unwarranted show of timidity or nervousness, is not in keeping with Golden Retriever character,” says the AKC.


4. Goldendoodle



The Goldendoodle is part Poodle and part golden retriever, making this hybrid another best snuggle buddy. Not only are the soft curls of the Goldendoodle’s coat perfect for cuddling, but their friendly and gentle demeanor adds to their appeal as snuggle buddies. These dogs have a natural affinity for human companionship and are known for forming strong bonds with their pet parents. 

“Goldendoodles must be friendly, reliable, trustworthy, and well-rounded. His stability in most situations and environments, particularly with children, the elderly, and the disabled, is consistent with that which is required to perform as a trained service and therapy dog,” explains the Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA)

The cuddle-loving Goldendoodle is renowned for his eager-to-please attitude and love of physical touch. These characteristics make Goldendoodles naturally inclined to seek out opportunities for cuddling and physical closeness with their human family members.

Goldendoodles are among the most affectionate breeds but are prone to separation anxiety. “Overall, Goldendoodles are known for their gentle temperament, ideal for households with kids and elders. They especially benefit from having a strong bond with their human family and being part of the daily routine,” says PetMD.


5. German Shepherd



Though many may not agree that the German Shepherd is one of the most sensitive and affectionate dog breeds, if raised correctly, this superb breed makes for the best cuddle companion, especially for families with children. 

” It is poised, but when the occasion demands, eager and alert; both fit and willing to serve in its capacity as companion, watchdog, blind leader, herding dog, or guardian, whichever the circumstances may demand,” says the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. (GSDCA)

If positively trained and well socialized from puppyhood, the German Shepherd is affectionate and playful and will never say no to DOGTV or to cuddle time alongside you while you enjoy a good book.

The takeaway is that German Shepherds are highly intelligent and intuitive, allowing them to understand and respond to their pet parent’s emotions. They have a keen sense of empathy and always provide plenty of comfort and companionship. “They are known to be gentle family dogs and loyal protectors of those they trust,” says PetMD.

Whether you’re happy or sad, the German Shepherd will offer unwavering support and snuggle up close, creating a sense of warmth and security.


6. Newfoundland



The Newfoundland is a Canadian dog breed believed to have descended from the Great Pyrenees. This child-friendly breed looks like a teddy bear and enjoys a good cuddle. This breed is a gentle giant with a heart of gold. Known for their massive size and thick, water-resistant coat, these dogs make excellent companions in and out of the water. They are known for attempting to rescue swimmers, whether or not they are in trouble.

The AKC describes the Newfoundland breed as having a “sweetness of temperament.” This remarkable breed is renowned for its gentle and kind nature, which is considered the most essential characteristic.

“Their sweet temperament and large size best characterize Newfoundlands. They are friendly with their families and patient with young children,” says PetMD.

Whether snuggling on the couch, frolicking in the water, or providing emotional support, the Newfoundland is a breed that brings immense joy and warmth to any home. Their teddy bear-like appearance and loving and gentle nature make them an irresistible choice for those seeking a loyal and affectionate canine companion.


7. Bernese Mountain Dog



The AKC describes the Bernese Mountain Dog as good-natured, calm, and strong.” The temperament is self-confident, alert, and good-natured, never sharp or shy,” it says.

One of the key traits of the Bernese Mountain Dog is its good-natured disposition. Its friendly and gentle nature makes it approachable and easy to get along with. Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their sociability and adaptability, whether with their human family or other animals. This breed also enjoys plenty of cuddles and is affectionate and sensitive. Redditors said that their Bernese Mountain dogs were big cuddlers. 

” Mine is absolutely a snuggler. He serves often as a living pillow for my kids, too. He is happiest in close contact and most often with some part of him touching me,” says one Redditor. Another adds that ” Moose always needs to touch someone. Or sit, lay, nose boop your attention. He is my first doggo, and I love the affection.”

Despite their large size, Bernese Mountain Dogs are calm and composed. Their natural sense of tranquility is evident in their interactions with others, making them well-suited for various environments, including households with children or bustling urban settings.


FAQ’S Best Dog Breeds for Cuddling



Q: What dog breed loves to cuddle the most?

A: The cuddliest dog breeds include the Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Dane, and Newfoundland. Not only are these giant dog breeds very friendly, but they also enjoy lounging next to you.

Dogs are pack animals and have an instinct to bond with people. While all dogs can form strong bonds with their pet parents, certain breeds tend to be more cuddly and affectionate, enjoying extra attention and hugs. Our top 7 picks for the cuddliest dog breeds include the following: Mastiff, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland, Golden Retriever, and Goldendoodle.


Q: What breed of dog likes to be held?

A: All dogs love affection and enjoy cuddles, but some more than others. It’s critical to remember that individual dogs within a breed may differ in their preference for affection and that it’s vital to respect a dog’s boundaries and comfort level regarding physical contact, ensuring that cuddling is a mutually enjoyable experience for the dog.

Teach children from a young age that dogs have personal space and boundaries like humans. They should understand that not all dogs enjoy being hugged tightly, squeezed, or held too closely. Encourage gentle and respectful interactions.


Q: What is the most snuggly pet?

A: Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets enjoy physical contact and being close to their pet parents. All pets need care and affection, and the most affectionate dog breeds include Doodle mixes, Retrievers, Pugs, Spaniels, and Bassett Hounds. 

Always consider your dog’s temperament and socialize your puppy from an early age. All dogs need human companionship but may develop behavioral issues if not appropriately trained. 

Bored and lonely dogs may become anxious without mental stimulation, fun outdoor hikes, and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs via dog parks, dog sports, and dog training classes.


How to Cuddle With Your Dog?


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