How to Find Affordable Pet Hotels


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Whether you’re traveling to a dog show and need a place to stay with your furry best friend or want to enjoy a five-star resort with your pup, we’ve got the takeaway for you. 

Dog-friendly hotels can be fancy or simple, but we have the best hotel tips for anyone planning a pet vacation or a business trip with a dog. We’ll show you how to find the best dog-friendly hotels with a few simple tips to save you time and money.

Pet-friendly hotel brands often go the extra mile to cater to your furry friends. They may offer special treats, dog walking services, plush dog beds, and even special dog menus. Some even provide the option to hire a pet sitter. 

However, it’s important to note that there are various types of pet hotels, and many may charge additional fees, require a deposit, or have breed size limits.


Dog-Friendly Hotel Benefits


Pet-friendly hotels cater to travelers who wish to bring their furry friends along. These accommodations vary widely in their offerings and policies, tailored to meet the needs of pets and their pet parents. 

Take, for example, luxury pet hotels like the Kimpton Hotel Chain, which is pet-friendly and free of charge. BringFido says that pets are welcome in more than 76 locations worldwide in 55 cities, but pet rules and individual hotel policies may change between hotels. 

From yoga mats to nightly wine hours, the Kimpton Hotels for pets allows all dog sizes, weights, and breeds. What we like about the Kimpton chain is that you get perks like food and water bowls, mats, and waste bags. There’s also no issue with “furry, feathery, or scaly” family members. 


Travel + Leisure



Travel & Leisure says that some of the critical features that place pet-friendly luxury hotels above other hotels offer the following:

  • Closeness to parks and other dog-friendly activities
  • Lots of accessible outdoor space, most especially if it’s enclosed
  • Dog beds, water bowls, and other dog-friendly amenities to help dogs feel at home
  • Dog-friendly restaurant
  • Doggie bathtub
  • Pet-loving hotel crew


This may be one of the most pet-friendly hotels


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What Does Quora Say


Some pet parents on Quora said hotel chains are similar to fast food franchises. 

“Many chains accept pets, but others welcome pets! It will depend on your price point, but the following chains are dog-friendly, with reasonable pet fees and weight restrictions. Your furry friend may sometimes get swag, such as dog beds, bowls, toys, and treats.” For more information on dog-friendly hotels, here are a few.


  • Kimpton is a luxury hotel chain that welcomes pets of any size at no additional cost. Dogs are often given complimentary gifts at check-in. 
  • Virgin is a small, high-end chain of seven dog-friendly hotels. The hotels have no size or breed restrictions, and four locations allow dogs to stay for free.
  • Aloft: Trendy, hip hotel chain with over a hundred pet-friendly locations. One dog under 40 lbs can stay for no additional cost.
  • Graduate: A boutique collection of quirky hotels in college towns across the USA and UK. All 30 locations are pet-friendly, but fees and weight restrictions vary.
  • Red Roof Inn: No-frills chain with over 600 dog-friendly locations. The brand prides itself on never charging a fee if you bring a furry companion under 80 lbs.
  • Motel 6 is a budget-friendly option that welcomes pets at 1,400 locations across America and Canada. Budget pet hotels meet everyone’s financial needs; up to two pets per room stay free.  


Best Pet-Friendly Hotels With DayCare



We examined several different types of pet hotels, including seven major hotel brands. Finding an excellent pet-friendly hotel for upcoming travel is critical to having fun and keeping your pet safe.

Some pet-friendly hotels allow pets in the room, while others go the extra mile and offer special pet packages, such as daycare and dog-friendly amenities.


Why You Should Stay in a Pet-Friendly Hotel


If you’re on a pet vacation or enjoy being with your pet while you travel, staying at a pet-friendly hotel allows your pets to be comfortable and safe. You will also save on pet sitting or boarding fees and have your best buddy accompany you.


What Does Trip Advisor Say About Pet-Friendly Hotels?


We checked out pet-friendly hotels in Australia and found numerous boutique pet-friendly retreats. Someone added, “The way they organized a mini birthday party for our pet Cosmo’s first birthday, the cake being cooked by the hosts made memories which shall stay with us forever. We feel so very happy to have met such nice humans who are taking care of a shiny hidden jewel of a place.” 41 Trent Jones Dr, Cape Schanck, Victoria 3939 Australia.

Dogologie Haus 416 in Texas is a vacation rental that features walking trails for Fido and provides dog beds and bowls, a welcome dog treat, indoor dog crates, and an outdoor kennel. “We appreciated all the dog-friendly things: the toys, the water, the bowls, the fenced-in yard, wonderful walks nearby, and the location close to town. This was our first time to Fredericksburg, and we loved it!”—Larry Y.

“If you’re looking for a pet-friendly 5-star hotel in Lake Tahoe, then the Ritz Carlton, Lake Tahoe, offers spa and ski services and is family and pet-friendly,” adds another pet parent.

“It’s an incredibly dog-friendly resort. Our huskies had the best time on the property and in the snow. The staff was very kind, accommodating, and dog-friendly. The rooms were recently remodeled, clean and nice.”- amberhankey


Types of Pet Hotels



You can opt for small boutique-friendly hotels or large chains of pet-friendly hotels and five-star hotel resorts. All these hotels allow cats, dogs, and other small pets and reptiles. If you’re on the road and need a simple, budget-friendly place to stay, you can opt for cheap, pet-friendly motels. 

These motels typically provide basic amenities that ensure the comfort and safety of your pets without the added expense of luxury features. Whether you are traveling for Leisure or moving across the country, these accommodations are an excellent choice for pet owners who prioritize practicality and affordability.

Here are some common types of pet-friendly hotels:


  1. Basic Pet-Friendly Hotels: These hotels allow pets but may have limited amenities expressly for pets. They often require a pet fee and may restrict the number of pets per room or the size of the pet allowed.
  2. Luxury Pet-Friendly Hotels: These are upscale hotels that not only allow pets but also provide exceptional amenities like pet beds, welcome treats, grooming services, and even doggy spas. These establishments might not charge additional pet fees and often offer pet-sitting or dog-walking services.
  3. Boutique Pet-Friendly Hotels are smaller hotels or inns offering owners and pets a unique, often thematic experience. They may host pet-themed events, provide custom meals for pets, and deliver personalized care.
  4. Extended Stay Pet-Friendly Hotels: Ideal for long-term travelers, these hotels offer amenities that help pets feel more at home during extended stays. Features might include kitchenettes for preparing pet meals alongside usual pet-friendly amenities.


There are so many different types of pet-friendly hotels to enjoy when away on a pet vacation. The key to finding one that works for you is to research beforehand. We have some examples of dog-friendly hotels that suit every pet parent.


  • Hyatt: Known for its hospitality, many hotels welcome pets and offer amenities such as beds, bowls, and treats. However, pet policies vary by location, so checking specific hotel policies is essential.
  • Kimpton Hotels: A pioneer in pet-friendly accommodations, Kimpton Hotels welcomes any pet regardless of size, weight, or breed at no additional cost. They offer services like pet beds, food, water bowls, and mats. Some locations even have a resident dog that greets guests.
  • Aloft Hotels (Marriott): Part of the Marriott chain, Aloft Hotels is known for its modern, stylish, and pet-friendly accommodations. They typically provide pets with an Aloft-branded bed, bowl, treats, and toys.
  • Marriott: Many Marriott hotels offer pet-friendly accommodations with varying policies and amenities based on the location. Always check the specific hotel’s policy before booking.
  • Motel 6: This budget chain is well-known for allowing pets to stay free of charge. Motel 6 is a good option for travelers looking for a cost-effective solution without any frills.
  • Red Roof Inn: Another budget-friendly option, Red Roof Inn allows one pet per room with no additional charges, making it easy for pet owners to travel affordably.
  • Ritz-Carlton: A more luxurious option, some Ritz-Carlton hotels offer pet-friendly accommodations, though they may charge a fee. These hotels often provide high-end pet services, including gourmet pet menus.
  • Staybridge Suites (IHG): Ideal for more extended stays, Staybridge Suites offer apartment-like accommodations with kitchens, where pets are welcome. They often provide outdoor areas for pets to play and relieve themselves.


How to Find The Best Pet-Friendly Hotel



If you’re looking for the best dog-friendly pet hotels, follow these key strategies to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for you and your pet. 

Pets Welcome says that you should use their pet-friendly trip planners for road trip planning and finding pet-friendly hotels along the route to your destination. Pet’s Welcome connects traveling pet parents to pet vacation rentals quickly, whether it’s a La Quinta or your favorite hotel chain like the Marriot. With this website, you can search by your pet’s weight and fee and browse by the state after creating a Passport account.

 “You can pick your roads, plan stopovers, get driving directions, and save your itinerary to use while on the road. No more worries about not knowing if there’s a dog-friendly hotel around the next bend.”


Here’s how you can find pet-friendly hotels for you and your family:


Use Specialized Websites: Platforms like BringFido, PetsWelcome, and GoPetFriendly specialize in pet-friendly travel and offer extensive accommodations listings that welcome pets. These sites allow you to filter hotels by location, pet policies, and amenities. 

Check Hotel Rankings: If you want to be satisfied, look for hotel brands known for pet-friendly policies. For example, IHG’s Kimpton brand is highly rated for pet friendliness, offering services such as pet beds, food bowls, and complimentary pet treats at no extra charge. Other reputable brands include Marriott and Hyatt, providing excellent pet accommodations. 

Read Reviews: Consult travel websites like TripAdvisor and specific hotel reviews on BringFido to see what other pet owners have said about their experiences. Pay attention to comments about the cleanliness of the pet areas, the availability of pet amenities, and how staff interact with pets. 

Understand the Policies: Always check the hotel’s pet policy before booking. This includes any fees, restrictions on the number or size of pets, and any special rules that might affect your stay. Policies can vary significantly between hotels, even within the same chain.

Look for Additional Perks: Some hotels offer perks beyond basic accommodations, such as pet massages, “yappy hours,” or on-site pet care. These features can significantly enhance your pet’s stay and indicate a genuinely pet-friendly hotel. 


FAQs: Different Types of Pet-Friendly Hotels



When a hotel says pet-friendly, what does that mean?


Some pet hotels are more pet-friendly than others and offer dog beds, dog food menus, treats, and pet sitting, while others accommodate pets and charge a small pet fee. Pet-friendly hotels generally allow most pets and feature pet-friendly areas. TripAdvisor says that some hotels go further by offering pet menus, grooming services, or even designated play areas. 


Why are pet-friendly hotels important?


Pet-friendly hotels are essential for all families who want to travel with their pets and don’t want to board them at kennels. Pet-friendly hotels allow families to travel together with their furbabies, making pet travel much more accessible and fun.


Can I leave my pet alone in a hotel room?


This is a matter of preference, and if your dog or cat doesn’t get nervous, it’s okay to leave a “Do Not Disturb Sign” on the door. If your pet is anxious, try taking your pets with you and eating at a pet-friendly outdoor patio or restaurant.


How do I choose a pet-friendly hotel?


There are so many pet-friendly hotels worldwide, making choosing a pet-friendly hotel super easy. The best thing to do is to check online reviews from other pet parents who have stayed at the same hotel to get a good idea of how accommodating the hotel is. 

We also like looking at online travel platforms to find hotels and to read about hotel policies and pet fees, size restrictions, and any limitations on the number or types of pets allowed.

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